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Goulburn Valley Grammar School

Learning and Teaching

  • Professional development and collaboration opportunities for teachers and faculty heads to promote quality teaching and quality learning;
  • Opportunities for collegiality and networking within a relatively small group;
  • System-wide student and staff forums, encouraging the building of relationships between member schools and facilitating the open sharing of ideas and values.

School Leadership​

  • Opportunities for school leaders to undertake professional learning in the areas of school leadership, governance, risk and financial viability;
  • Guidance to ensure compliance requirements for Commonwealth and State funding are met;
  • Sharing of expertise and best practice.

The Geelong College

The Geelong College

Gippsland Grammar

Gippsland Grammar School

Compliance and Reporting

  • Sharing of management practices;
  • Effective communication with both the Commonwealth and State Governments to ensure appropriate system recognition and funding for member schools;
  • Transparent and democratic decision-making processes;
  • Funding distribution and accountability requirements.


  • Engagement of professional, educational and financial expertise sourced both internally and externally to assist member schools;
  • Provision of support for new member schools and schools seeking membership;
  • Group buying opportunities sourced where deemed of value to members;
  • Assistance with strategic planning of individual schools;
  • Recruitment and professional advancement of senior staff;
  • Ability to present a collective voice in the political arena when necessary and appropriate.

Balcombe Grammar School

Ballarat Grammar

Membership of Ecumenical Schools Australia is growing and enquiries from schools regarding prospective membership are welcomed.

Collectively, Ecumenical Schools Australia members have a stronger voice than they do individually. Member schools are able to take comfort in the knowledge that they are part of a group representing over 23,000 local students, over 3,500 staff, and many regions of Australia.

“Better and stronger together”