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Commonwealth Recurrent School Funding
Ecumenical Schools Australia
Needs Based Funding Arrangement 2021

Ecumenical Schools Australia (the Approved Authority) receives Commonwealth recurrent school funding on behalf of its member schools as the approved system authority for those schools.

In accordance with section 78(5) of the Australian Education Act 2013, the Approved Authority may redistribute this funding using its own needs-based funding arrangement. This needs-based arrangement must be fair, transparent and equitable, and provide students with the same need the same level of funding support from the Commonwealth.

Ecumenical Schools Australia has made a commitment to its members that they will be no worse off, in funding terms, than they would be if they were not members of the Approved Authority. To this end, Ecumenical Schools Australia supports and follows the funding methodology used by the Commonwealth, which provides base funding per student to schools using schools’ individual CTC scores in recognition of each school community’s own capacity to contribute to school income.

Loadings for additional needs to support student achievement, including for students with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, students with low socioeconomic status and those with low English proficiency, and schools disadvantaged by location or size, are applied using the same methodology as the Commonwealth’s funding model.

In the 2014 – 2017 funding quadrennium, Ecumenical Schools Australia was funded using a weighted average SES score. Base funding was redistributed to all members according to their individual SES scores and loadings were applied according to need, using the Commonwealth’s funding model. The use of a weighted average SES score resulted in some additional funding. A portion of this funding was retained by Ecumenical Schools Australia for administration purposes, and the remainder was distributed to members using student numbers weighted by schools’ individual SES scores.

Under the Quality Schools reforms, a weighted average CTC score is no longer used to determine funding entitlements. However, due to its use in the previous quadrennium, Ecumenical Schools Australia will continue to receive slightly more funding in the years 2018 – 2027 than the sum of members’ individual entitlements. This funding will be passed on to members using CTC weighted student numbers.

The Australian Government provided System Weighted Average Assistance in 2018 and 2019 to assist with the transition from the use of a weighted average SES score. The funding offered through this assistance will be used to contribute to the cost of Ecumenical Schools Australia’s operations up until the end of 2022.